Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everyday a little death....Part one of the hottest day on earth

This blog began this morning....then much has this is part one of today...part two is in the next section...enjoy...

I'm awake in NYC and the heat is killing me. I just got back Sunday from a wonderful run of GUYS AND DOLLS at Barrington Stage. It was so much fun. I handled all the business for my house on the phone and Internet and now I'm finally back here to deal with everything. It's just so damn hot I don't want to leave my house. How funny is it I have a COFFEE date with a friend in 90 degree weather. Hilarious.

Well it's Wednesday and we close Monday. Three more business days left. I don't count Saturday or Sunday because I figure well, the bank can't really get to us then so it's just the next three days we have to deal with. We are still dotting our i's and crossing our t's. Notice I say GET TO US. I say this because everyday it's something different with these people.

Yesterday the bank was NOT satisfied that our termite repair report from the sellers which was minimal was not sufficient because the contractor said in his notes there was wood debris under the porch and on the side of the house. This means SOMEONE LEFT STICKS AND PLANKS of wood. They could have left it from garden work. They could have left it from when they redid the porch. Who knows.  Literally just a bunch of old wood that needs to be thrown out. Our bank somehow got it into their head that this means DAMAGE and the sellers need a licensed contractor to throw out wood. I mean seriously??? C'mon guys. Let's not get crazy here. This is dumb. I'm telling all of you actors/musicians/artists anyone free lance, if you want to buy a home and need a loan, it is NOT easy. This past two months I have almost had a nervous breakdown with the stress of the house. I even developed acid reflux for the first time in my life. The paperwork is unreal. My friend reminded me that this process involves a ton of RED TAPE. I laughed and said "Oh, I guess I should have been calling it red tape, but I've been just calling it BULLSHIT!" That was funny I have to admit.

Anyway, so back to the house. As you read previously, there were a TON of fixes to be done on the house. The seller had to have many contractors come in the house: a stair guy, an electrician, a plumber, a general contractor, a mason and a chimney guy ALL do the repairs. Probably five contractors in all giving estimates and doing the work. I don't envy them. What a bitch. You might be asking yourself: "Why did the sellers have to do all that work?" Well, here is your answer. See when you take out a loan, especially in the economic climate we are in, obviously the bank is strict. Normally if there are problems with the house found in inspection like in our case, the seller will give you money at closing to repair the items. So, they offered to do that. Hmmm....problem. First of all:

1. NO lender gives out credits at closing to people like us. Whose to say we will actually use the money to make the repairs. I guess that makes sense.

2. Estimates for repairs is NOT the final cost of the repairs. As we all know you can get quoted an estimate and then at the end of the completed repair, it shoots up $10,000 because they "found something else". No way Jose.

Basically we told them that they need to get everything fixed by closing with licensed contractors. Oh Jesus. I know that upset them. I mean I don't blame them. Two weeks till closing and you have to fix the basement, the chimney, the foundation, the stairs, some floors, some plumbing etc etc? Are you kidding me? I would be a mess. I felt bad but they need to sell the house and we can't buy it with the problems. Such is life.

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