Friday, June 3, 2011

Not A Day Goes By

The prospect of having a yard blows my mind. I have so many incredible memories of growing up in Livingston, NJ having a big yard with a swing set a huge tree and many afternoons of running around with our dog Cassie. Hot summer days with the sprinkler and the slip and slide. Barbecues till late into the night. After school on a gorgeous fall day with the leaves falling from our big tree. Inch worms floating around on little strings all over the yard. Fireflies on a nice summer evening. That's how we always knew summer was officially here. Fireflies. I swear when there are NO more fireflies in the summer that is when I will know the world is ending. It's just one of those things. Here are some pics of our yard. Enjoy.

Hopefully by the time we close July 19th everything will be in order and there will be nothing left to worry about as far as getting and owning the home. These pictures will represent the yard we OWN not the yard we MAY own. I'm only saying we will own it. If I say maybe too many times, I won't believe it will actually happen. POSITIVITY!!!

Right now to update you, we are in the Attorney Review stage. Basically lawyers on both sides (owners and buyers) are looking at paperwork and agreeing on the terms. Basically how much we are paying, what comes with the house, what is expected of the buyers and sellers etc etc. Basic stuff. Once that is all done we will enter the next phase which is called being "UNDER CONTRACT". This is time that within TEN DAYS of the start of this period, you have to get certain things done. First an inspector has to come to the house, which we have to arrange and pay for, to make sure there is nothing wrong with the home. This covers everything from termites to leaky roofs to some nasty animal living in your basement.

"Oh noooooo you didn't I aint leaviinnnn"

Of course there is not going to be a crazy ass possum but you never know. The home inspection is to protect the buyers from finding out there is something nuts with their house. There are terms in the contract that clearly state that if anything is wrong they have to take care of it before we actually buy it. This has to all be clearly stated and finished, meaning inspected, by the end of the 10 days. Anyone, buyer and seller, can pull out within this ten day period. That is why it's also scary. Considering our situation no one will do that but fingers crossed. Crazier things have happened in the world. The only thing that is not stated in the contract is if we buy a 100 + year old house and there is something like this living in it:

"I'm backkkkk Kritzerrrr"

Anyway, now we wait and continue on in the process. Our Contract phase should begin pretty soon so I will keep you updated. For now I'm just getting ideas about plants, rooms etc. Fun things to do with the house. Things that I have never been able to hang in my tiny little apartment will have a place on the walls. I can put my mothers grandfather clock in the living room. Vadim can get a grand piano someday and we can fit it. I can finally think about getting one of these and we will have the space.

Wheaton Terrier Puppy 

This is truly the American dream as cheesy as it sounds. I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to do this especially with someone that I plan on spending the rest of my life with. Life is good. 


  1. Welcome to the Burbs, Kritzer! You look so happy, and I'm glad! Grew up in Lawrenceville --Jersey all the way.

    Jane and I also had two Wheaties--awesome dogs. We're in our standard poodle phase now.

    Can't remember--how far is Livingston to the City? Or is the house not in Livingston? If not, what's the commute like?

    Be Happy!


  2. Thank you for sharing these special life moments. You inspire, as always!